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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Google Wave Developer Blog: The Making of the Sudoku Gadget

Google Wave Developer Blog: The Making of the Sudoku Gadget

Musical interlude:

Clay Aiken sings "Everything I Don't Need" from his CD "On My Way Here" at the Champion For Change Gala, Oct 18, 2008. Filmed by jojoct.

I miss Clay.

The Many faces of Clay Cluzzle

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Many Faces of Clay Jigsaw Puzzle

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Clay Aiken - All Is Well
Look what I found on youtube:

A Fantastic performance by Clay Aiken singing "All Is Well" in Baltimore. I'm really looking forward to seeing him in person next Thursday.

Just one more:

In this video Clay Aiken in introducing and singing "My Grown Up Christmas List" in Merrillville. He starts singing about 2 min and 20 sec into the video. Superbly done!

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Trip to Rhode Island.

A few days ago I found a picture of an Alascan Malamute I tore out of a magazine years ago. It reminded me of a dog I knew once which had two different eyes like this.

I used to work with, a mathematician J. with a booming voice, a black beard, goofy sense of humor and a love of ballet and very spicy foods. His lady love, L., a wonderful, intelligent woman seemed to make everything better. There was something very wise and kind in her lovely smile.

Gloria Foster, who played the oracle in the movie “Matrix” has the same kind of smile.

“Do you want to go to Rhode Island with us this weekend?” asked L. “We’ll be driving over there and staying at a friend’s house.
It was a hot summer, and getting out of New York for a weekend sounded mighty tempting.
“Sure I do. Just name the time.”
It was all set. As we were setting off, there was a slight change. It seems that another friend would adopt a dog if we brought it to Connecticut. No problem. It’s on the way. I can share a back seat with the bea…err... a nice doggy.

It was a lovely animal. So cute. So lively. And friendly too. I was kind of hot and itchy. I liked the dog, but he was really, really friendly. Like a bad date. Couldn’t keep him off me.

Anyway, just a few short hours later we got him to his new owner, a wonderful host. We had a nice dinner and slept over. Actually I didn’t do much sleeping, since I was sharing the room with my new best four legged friend. He wanted to join me on the couch. I tossed and turned, scratched and pushed the dog off. In the morning, as I discovered red and itchy rash on my skin where the dog licked me, I realized I’m allergic to his saliva. It just cracked me up.

We said goodbye to our gracious host and his new dog and proceeded to Rhode Island. There were a few other things that went awry, but what I still remember is walking alone on a rocky beach feeling free. I know it does not sound like much of a trip, but I remember it fondly. I lost touch with my friends J. and L.

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